What can you expect to learn here.

I have much to teach those who are willing. This site will teach you many things that other’s pay hundreds even thousands of dollars to learn. There will be advise on how to brew tasty beers, advice on how to properly pwn people, advice of proper lifting and dieting techniques, and of course advise on how to give advise. I would like as much feedback as possible, but if it’s at all negative I’ll have to slay you. I’m a tad new to the whole blogging thing, but i think i will destroy all other bloggers who came before me….including Mike McV, and Will.I.Am Larsen for they are weak and predictable where I indubitably keep you on your toes.  Some of my blogs will be funny and random, others will be serious and make you gird your loins. I look forward to preverbially talking to you soon.



Video: Tony Jaa, once of the best martial artist’s. Suck’s to be the dude holding the wood pieces.


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