About Me Mutha Sucka

I’m a straight shooter, I basically tell it like it is…some people love this about me….others hate this….but i usually just say get over yourself. My grammar is good but it could be better, i often put a (…) where a coma should go, but i feel that the … expresses the dramatic pause that I’m going for. I consider myself a jack of all trades and master of all trades at the same time. Many people know me as the guy who’s good at everything that doesn’t matter in life and this is 50% true. I was born in Ca and I have lived in the same place my whole life, I’m not much of a brancher but i’m down to try new stuff. I enjoy surfing, lifting, brewing beer, making my own clothes, eating sushi, bowling, photography and playing pool in my free time. I have a girlfriend, she’s rad, and i love her. I once killed a dog with a pocket knife by cutting it’s throat because he was old, blind, and in pain. This was very hard for me because i love animals. But sometimes you have to kill the ones you love (feel free to use that quote of mine if you want). Many people who know me have probably fallen to my verbal broad sword, and by verbal broad sword i mean my superior ability to pwn anyone at anytime. I tend to make up words and speak in ways that make no sense…it’s just the way my mind thinks. Oh and i work at a place called Nutrition Zone in Laguna Hills, i like it there. Enjoy! Oh i also made this because i feel that some bloggers, i.e William Larsen are just plain boring and no one really wants to hear what they have to say, i hope to change this and rock your world.



  1. Nice introduction. Sadly, my blog still PWNS yours and billy’s.

    • sethaniel Said:

      your blog is all fancied up with pics and video’s i don’t need those bells and whistles my words are enough.

      • williamglarsen Said:

        amen to that

  2. Jit Fong Chin Said:

    Hi, we’re revamping several of our subsections here at The Orange County Register, and I added Sethaniel’s Blog to our new Saddleback Valley section.
    (See under “Local Voices,” click on “More local bloggers and columnists.”)
    We are trying to showcase a variety of voices in our communities, and I think your blog is a good fit. Can you please let us know if this is not something you want and you would like your blog to be removed.
    Thank you very much.
    Jit Fong Chin, Web editor, The Orange County Register

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