Proper Block for a Proper day.

Summer has arrived and with that comes longer days  due to the tilt of the earth’s axis which causes the northern hemisphere (United States) to point at the sun thus giving us more daylight. With the new arrival of the suns rays comes something that i have dubbed “The Great Migration”, with this migration usually comes the ability to shed layers of clothes because recent rise in air temperature…the shedding of clothes leads one to get into better shape so they look more chizzled when they pop there shirt and getting in better shape drives people to the beach, and going to the beach usually ends up in a giant increase in everything beach related(Surfing, fishing, volleyball, bronzing, ect….). It’s this increase in everything beach related that brings the dirty birds out of the wood works, it’s these dirty birds that  start calling me weekly to plan a Volleyball session and it’s that volleyball session that brings joy to my loins.

Well the last few weeks our Vball team has been fast on track and improving each week. Our Vball games usually consist of the Core Four…better know a Jen “Friggen Ughhhh” Mcquade, Sassy Suzy Grams, Billy “Zane” Larsen, and Seth “The Destroyer of Souls” Willingham. Aside from the core four we have a pretty consistent showing from Nate “The Dictator” Castro, and Adam “weakling” Brown, we like to sprinkle a little Jon”I better then i look” Esh in there and Ian”Smooth chest” Nelson always brings his top game. However yesterday we had some new additions to what I have dubbed as the Thursday Teamsters AKA Sass Mongers AKA The people who you want to be when you grow up. Some DeePers (JOJO Moe, Red, Matt Ireland) showed up and surprised us with there uncanny ability and there good vibes that really made for an eventful day. We split up into teams of 2 and consumed 2 courts, as we were getting ready to play you can really tell by silencing of the crowds around us that the onlookers really understood the magnitude and severity of what was just about to go down. Red…pops his shirt off….and a women faints in awe of his superior back development, Jojo pops his shirt as well and a 8 year old boy walks up pen and volleyball in hand for an autograph, Jojo so intensely focused disregards the volleyball and signs the kids face….Boom owned Timmy! Suz and Jen pop there shirts and guys in the crowd begin to whistle….but then I lock eyes with each one of them simultaneously at the same time and telepathically communicate to the to “Shut there pie holes and have a little respect or all kill there first born”.  I go to serve, all of Dana Point has stopped doing whatever they were doing to watch, i bring my patented slice serve that resembles a Bend it like Beckamesque corner kick….and Boom!….Ace! Over the course of the next 3 hours people witnessed some of the best vball ever played anywhere in the universe. I personally watched Matt Ireland grow from a boy who tanks when i give him perfect sets to well oiled machine with a serve that brings tears to your eyes. Reds smack talk grew out of control and he nearly got in everyones dome. Ian was playing outside of his balls, with his bronzed skin and rippled abdominals glistening in the summer light he kept us on our toes with his superior serving ability and brought the heat with his thunderous spikes that seemed like a Zeus lightning bolt sent from the heavens. But there was one shot where i blocked the crap out of the one they call Unstoppable (Ian) and that right there just made my day, and to top it off when grabbed a few beers and pizza’s and as Red would say “We just ate the best pizza in the world”. Proper way to end a proper day.

Very close to my block over Ian:

Dude is Legend:

The Real Legend:


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