My new addiction

So last Wednesday a man by the name of Dustin took me to go rock climbing, it was sick. I have literally wanted to try rock climbing for years, didn’t care if it was indoors, outdoors, i just wanted to try it but i have never had the opportunity to go…so when a friend invited me i was amped. We made are way to REI 1600 or 4pm for you non military folk for i needed to purchase special shoes. As we entered REI i see Dustin’s face light up, he looked excited to be there, a kid in a candy shop if you will. However i was not fazed for i didn’t really give a crap for anything in there. We walk to the shoe section…”effing $85 for shoes that are tight as balls and hurt my feet!” Yet somehow i didn’t mind it. I stared at some other stuff that i may need in the future…chalk bag, chalk, and some possible tape for my hands. I pay the man at the counter and we make are way to Corona Del Mar for a session on The Rock. As we stroll down to the spot I’m feeling excited and scared and what were about to do. I’m pretty good at everything i do, but rock climbing will be a whole new world to me. We approach the hidden cove….JoJo and Matt Ireland are already practicing the dark arts that is bouldering, and I stand in awe as i see them effortlessly scale the landscape. JoJo looks are way and says “IT’S SOOOOO PASTEY”. I simply nod as if i have any idea at what he’s talking about. I later find out that he was referring to the paste that was forming on the holds in the rock, The moist air mixed with the chalk is not a good combo. I put my shoes on and boastfully go for my first attempt thinking i was going to pwn this rock. I shortly learn that brute strength is not enough, i will have to read the rock and get my technique down. I only tried climbing maybe 10-15 times, i did ok. I would have done better if the rock was slippery and if my shoes were making my feet bleed.

I left Del Mar with D-mar with a burning in my soul. I couldn’t wait to climb again. I wanted to get back and try it when conditions were better. I have literally spent all week watching climbing videos and looking and crazy climbing gear that i’ll never need. I’m stoked to find something that will challenge me, something that i can continually get better at, something that will be addicting and a great workout at the same time. I have much to learn but i’m optimistic that i will pick it up fast. I let you know how my second session went tomorrow.

The hardest dude on the planet


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