As Believers you must Believe. Heh?

I miss my brother Steven Butwell. I miss him because a few days ago he left to do the good work that is required to those of us who believe. He will be on a missions trip in Sri Lanka which is an island located of the coast of India with roughly 20 million people, and the majority being Muslim and Buddhist. Sri Lanka is a place were Christ is despised, and a place that is in the midst of passing a law that would make proselytising illegal. It will be rough, hot, uncomfortable, tiring, and there will undoubtably be times where he may want to come home but Christ didn’t say to just share in the places you are comfortable in or in the places that are safe, He said to go to the ends of the Earth and share the Gospel.

The past few days I have been thinking about my own faith, and what it truly means to Love God and Love your neighbors. It is tough to sometimes think about God and what he has done for the world, I often get consumed it what I’m reading in the bible or what I’m hearing in church and simply think of it as a cool story, my mind seemingly incapable to grasp the reality of what God has done for me. The world will always say “It’s tough to believe in what you can’t see”. Ryan Daffron, someone i highly look up to and admire for his ability to just break down The Word would put it like this “The Holy Spirit is like the wind, you can’t see it…but you know it’s there because you can see it moving things”….at least that’s how i remember him saying it. For those of you who are Believers that are reading this you know what I’m talking about, when you except Christ into your life the Holy Spirit puts this filter on your life and enables you to separate what is good from bad. For those of you who that are reading this who don’t believe  I only wish I could put into words the Majesty and Beauty that is Christ. I ultimately wrote this to encourage my fellow believers to believe in what you say you believe. I know….it’s confusing. What i mean is….just strive to grasp all that is written in The Word. When we read that The Father sent his only son to die on the cross so that the rest of the world may live….we must understand the severity of that and the undoubtable repercussions to denying him. I had watched a 30 minute short film called MOST a few years ago, forgot about and watched it again a few days ago and the film really allowed me to put in perspective what God did for us. I could explain the movie but i’ll just attach a clip of the movie that sums it up. After watching the film i was high strung and just stoked, but shortly after i was a little saddened in the fact that it took a film for me to fully understand this. The past few days have been amazing, my mind fathoming the abilities endowed to my brother’s and sister’s and my heart seeing clearly for what seems to be the first time. I find it much easier to go about my days understanding that eternity is a reality, life is short and i do not fear death, I have the power to heal the sick, the understanding that there is a Devil and that he wants nothing more then for me to believe the stories I read about Jesus to be false, ultimately not allowing me to expand the Kingdom. This is long…and possibly boring, but it’s been on my mind and there’s nothing more important then talking about the raddest person in the universe.

Most-not the actual trailer but you get the point

Penn Jillete- Profound Atheist explaining that ” you must truly hate a person to not proselytize to them”


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