The Preverbial Monaday Blues

It’s Monday……..Bleh.  Actually I get amped for Mondays, I run a nutrition store in Laguna Hills CA called Nutrition Zone. I have Sundays off so come Monday i’m ready to get into my store and talk it up with the customers. I’m feeling a little bleh this Monday simply because thre re-paving the parking lot outside my house and somehow it has taken over a week for a job that usually takes 1-2 days, I have to move my car by 7am and that really breaks my balls…it’s all good though i get to start my day early….lift….make a proper breakfast. My weekend was glorious, Saturday was busy and enjoyable. I worked 10-6 at Nutrition Zone, then off to Suzanna’s Birthday Dinner, thn bonfire, then checked out Cindy’d and Kendra’s New place. P.S I starting writing this blog on Monday….hence the title ” The Preverbial Monday Blues”….and then i got slammed with work so it’s now Tuesday….get over it. Sunday was also rad and i just got to rest… is just good for the soul and the mind, literally. Well i don’t have much time today cause i got a lot of work to do. If your in the area swing into Nutrition Zone of Alicia and Paseo De Valencia in Laguna Hills and say whats up…..I’d love to see you. Tune in later week where i will be doing an in depth synopsis on how to properly pwn someone. As many of you know i am the founder of pwn, and master of the universe when it comes to owning people. I’ll take you under my wing  and teach you this ancient dark technique that’s guaranteed to wreck people and score you chicks…..literally proving via a double blind study at the prestigious UCLA.

Fact: I got bit my King cobra  the other day, after 48 of excruciation pain and suffering the Cobra died.

Drink Suggestion: Jameson Whiskey

One shot of Jameson, 1 ounce of water and that’s it…….no ice……..non chilled, just straight up and bad a**, this drink will instantly make you cooler and 7x more attractive to the ladies…..once again….proven…with science. Don’t drink more then 2 or 3 for my suggestions are not for drunkard pleasure but rather taste and appreciation of the finer liquors in life.

Video: One of the raddest intro’s to any movie you will ever see.

watch the whole thing


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