By popular request.

I’d like to start off by saying Happy Birthday to the one and only Suzanna Grams!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have been getting hundreds of email and comments asking me  The Guru on what i do to stay in shape and what my max’s are on all my lifts. So by popular demand i’ll be filling you in on a few techniques and supplementation to take you too the next level. First you want to start off with proper diet and exercise. For my diet i keep it pretty strict, i have 6 meals a day and usually keep 3 of those meal as protein shakes. This example diet is mainly for cutting or fat loss, but to making a Mass gaining diet you would simply add larger portions of protein and Complex carbs throughout the day.

Example Day:

serving sizes: 1 protein=size of your flat hand      1 Carb= size of your clinched fist             1 vegetable= unlimited

8:00am Meal 1: 1 protein, 1 carb , 1 vegetable or 6-8 eggwhites, 2 pieces whole wheat toast, and a piece of fruit.

10-11am: Shake 1: 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro Matrix with 1 scoop NLN glutamine complex in 4-6oz of water.

12-1pm: Meal 2: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 vegetable or 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of brown rice, and as much veggies as i want

3-4pm: Shake 2: Repeat shake 1

6-7pm: Meal 3: 1 protein, 1 veggie, no carb

9-10pm: Shake 3: Repeat shake 1

You get 1 cheat day a week to literally just eat whatever you want.

Lifting schedule: I break it up like so:

Mon: Legs and ab’s

Tues: Rest

Wed: Chest and ab’s

Thurs: Bi’s, Tri’s and forearm

Fri: Back and Shoulders

Sat: Rest

Sun: Rest

Current Max’s:

Bench: 325lbs x 1

Squat: 225lbs x 15

Bicep barbell: 135lbs x 1

Military Press: 225 lbs x 1

Deadlift: 495lbs x 2

Lat Pulldown: 220lbs x 6

Supplement: Protein-Lean Pro Matrix (Recovery) Glutamine Complex (Recovery), Multi- Body Fuel Natural Selection (Overall Health), Pre-Workouts- Body Fuel Torque (Energy, Mental Focus, and Pumps) , Essential fats- Body Fuel EFA Complete, Intra workout- Scivation Xtend.

Feel free to comment or ask anyquestions and i’ll reply ASAP.

Fact of the Day: The average human can hold there breathe for 45 seconds, i can hold my breathe…..forever.

Beer Recomendation: Willingham and Larsens  HeyFunWeisMan

Brewed by some of the finest brewers to brew on the face of this universe. W & L HeyFunWeisMan pronounced Hey-Fun-Wise-Man is beer that will make you gird your loins while screaming praises. As the weather heats up, the citrusy aromas and sweet aromatic taste truly please the palate. W & L have been somehow brewing for over 100 years and have indubitably mastered the art of brewing and have scrumptulecently mastered the art of the Hef. I highly recommend pouring these bad boys into a tall chilled glass to release maximum flavor. W & L will roughly release the HFWM in June and as W&L always do there will be limited quantity….probably only about 50 bottles. Stay tuned for the release date.



Video: Just a few vids of me pumping iron.

Pay close attention to the pink elephant at 1:59


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  1. Try this diet. I’ve been on it for a week and have been able to deadlift 810 lbs.
    Meal 1: 7 am, 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro, 2 eggs, 2 bacon
    Meal 2: 10 am, 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro
    Meal 3: 12pm, 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro, 1 hotdog, a small salad
    Meal 4: 3 PM, 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro
    Meal 5, 6 PM, 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro
    Meal 6, 9 PM, A concoction of egg whites, raw bacon, an entire chicken, the branch off a eucalyptus tree, octopus brain, and a teaspoon of pure gasoline, & 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro.

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