It’s late and i don’t feel like writing to much

Look i’m a little tired because i have had to get up at the crack of dawn throughout the week because there repaving my parking lot this week. It’s kinda lame, but such is life and i live in OC so i really can’t complain because somewhere out there Michael McVerry is going to work far away from beach and any form of happiness. I’ve decided to kill 2 birds with one stone the past few day, i’m a pretty light sleeper and once  i wake up i usually can’t get back to bed so the past few days i have been in the gym bright and early getting bronced(JACKED) out of my mind. I haven’t consistently lifted in years and i’m finally on a good schedule and i’m seeing some good results. Even though i work at a Nutrition Store i don’t take many supplements, this is because i gain muscle really fast but can never drop fat so i mainly focus on the fatburners( I really take them for the energy boost cause i hate coffee) pre workouts and protein. my lifts are continuing to go up and it’s encouraging to be consistent in the gym again. It’s also encouraging to stronger then Mickey V and William Larsen. today i plan to surf bright an ealy before work and i figure since i have to move my car i might s well. Ok this is all for now, i promise the next one will be more insightful and interesting.

Fact: There’s only one thing faster then the speed of light…

Brew recommendation: Joseph Braugh Dunkelweisen, a traditional Amber Hefenweizen i rate this beer an A.

Pours a hazy light brown/tan color with a tan hue, thick biege head, and can’t see the action.
Has a sweet toasted wheat aroma with a hint of banana.
A delicious toasted wheat taste with a banana background and with a mild esters finish.
Light/medium bodied, watery/resin feel, with lively comfortable carbonation.
This is right on par with the other GB Dunkelweizen, so close I’m going to drink the other right now. A steal at $5.99 a  pack at Trader Joe’s

Serving type: bottle


Video: Best scene ever, pay close attention to the awesomness at 1:58

2nd best scene ever



  1. Have you ever heard of Acai Burn? It’ll help you lose fat to the tune of 47 lbs in one month, while doing nothing else. I just wrote a huge post about it. This stuff is amazing.

    Oh yeah…I have never seen Footloose but that WAS the best dance scene ever. You’re very clever. Touche my friend.

    • sethaniel Said:

      I have heard of ACAI BURN, hands down the best weight loss supplement on the planet. I loss 92lbs in 6 hours.

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