Ah, Tuesdays. So friggin Glorious.

It’s Tuesday, for most people Tuesday is arguably the 2nd worst day of the week behind Mondays of course. I’m actually a fan of Tuesdays, I look forward to them. This is due to 3 reasons, 1) my work schedule is pretty rad, I’m not a 9-5er at all, i would shoot myself in the face with bear mace every day if i had to do the typical grind week in and week out. I rather have a sporadic schedule, my boss lets me pick my hours as long as i’m in Nutrition Zone when it’s busiest (Mon, Tue) so I work Mon, Tue 10-8, off Wed, Thur 10-3, Fri 12-7,  Sat 10-6, and Off Sundays, i love this because i only have a 2 day grind on Mon and Tues. 2) on Tuesdays i meet with my brothers Nate Castro, Johnny Carson and Adam Brown for some good breakfast, good fellowship, and learn more about Jesus in our weekly bible study. 3) I started an event with Bill.I.Am a few months ago called Thee Tuesday Teamsters, it’s are bowling gang and we get together every Tuesday at lake forest lanes for the prestigious and indigenous Quarter Mania. It’s a good time and our group has exponentially grown from 4 to around 15, It’s a fun time that involves 3-5 games of bowling 75 cent slices of pizza, tasty brews, laughter, and wagers on various things that usually end up winning. Needless to say my Tuesdays are my busiest and one of my best days of the week. I Hope all 3 of the people following this blog have a great Tuesday.

I intend to leave you all each time with a few fun facts, a good video, and a recommended drink for you beer connoisseur’s.

P.S I’m on Twitter as of a week ago, I’ve conformed with the masses in the least eloquent of ways, I have no idea why I did it and It’s truly quite boring, all people do is updates, it’s all about following people….it’s actually a little creepy, it’s ultimately the facebook minus the face.  I intend to stick it out and give it a shot and follow some people that i know and appreciate like Mr. McQuade, Matty Morgan (Phenominal Photographer), and William larsen (Billy Burrito).

FUN FACT #1:  The average human body is made out of 70% water, my body is made out of 100% awesomeness

BEER RECCOMENDATION #1: Spring is officially upon us and with her comes glorious weather, longer days, and the animals come out of there hibernation. I like to greet the weather, longer days, and bears with a cool Sam Adams White Ale, brewed by Finnish Dwarves deep in Apalacian Mountains The recipe for the White Ale has been kept a secret by the Finnish Dwarves for a 100 Centuries….mainly because if you come close to them or there beer recipe they snap into a dwarfish rage gnawing everything in site….including humans. Sam Adams reportadly payed the Finnies $ 6 million to have them brew this ancient recipe for Sam Adams to bottle each year. Drink it up while it’s still on the shelves.

Video: Most impressive breakdancer ever



  1. Seth,

    Just to let you know, unless other people start reading this, I’m going to be your biggest commenter in the near future.

    Commenting on your brew of the day, you should know that I turn red when I drink. It was never a big issue till I saw this article stating I’ll probably get cancer from it. Maybe you should put a disclaimer on your Brew of the days…***do not drink if you turn red***



  2. Oh and this is for you

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