Tarp Surfing Extremeo

Me and a few bra’s slaying a good tarp swell. So much fun and there is many more vids to come. For now enjoy!

Tarp Slaying Funstravaganza


Rain…you can run, but you can’t hide.

Really California???? Is that how it’s going to go down? You’re just going to be sunny and 80 degrees one day and then a few days later 55 and rainy. Look i can’t take this bipoloarness…it’s not cool. Do us all a favor rain and go back from whence you came. I’m serious…. i despise you rain, no one really likes you, i can’t rock climb, bike, or really surf when you rain….it’s bushleague. Anyway…heed my warning, if you don’t stop…i will find you and punch you in the mouth. Bam!

This is thee only rain i want to see right now.


Proper Block for a Proper day.

Summer has arrived and with that comes longer days  due to the tilt of the earth’s axis which causes the northern hemisphere (United States) to point at the sun thus giving us more daylight. With the new arrival of the suns rays comes something that i have dubbed “The Great Migration”, with this migration usually comes the ability to shed layers of clothes because recent rise in air temperature…the shedding of clothes leads one to get into better shape so they look more chizzled when they pop there shirt and getting in better shape drives people to the beach, and going to the beach usually ends up in a giant increase in everything beach related(Surfing, fishing, volleyball, bronzing, ect….). It’s this increase in everything beach related that brings the dirty birds out of the wood works, it’s these dirty birds that  start calling me weekly to plan a Volleyball session and it’s that volleyball session that brings joy to my loins.

Well the last few weeks our Vball team has been fast on track and improving each week. Our Vball games usually consist of the Core Four…better know a Jen “Friggen Ughhhh” Mcquade, Sassy Suzy Grams, Billy “Zane” Larsen, and Seth “The Destroyer of Souls” Willingham. Aside from the core four we have a pretty consistent showing from Nate “The Dictator” Castro, and Adam “weakling” Brown, we like to sprinkle a little Jon”I better then i look” Esh in there and Ian”Smooth chest” Nelson always brings his top game. However yesterday we had some new additions to what I have dubbed as the Thursday Teamsters AKA Sass Mongers AKA The people who you want to be when you grow up. Some DeePers (JOJO Moe, Red, Matt Ireland) showed up and surprised us with there uncanny ability and there good vibes that really made for an eventful day. We split up into teams of 2 and consumed 2 courts, as we were getting ready to play you can really tell by silencing of the crowds around us that the onlookers really understood the magnitude and severity of what was just about to go down. Red…pops his shirt off….and a women faints in awe of his superior back development, Jojo pops his shirt as well and a 8 year old boy walks up pen and volleyball in hand for an autograph, Jojo so intensely focused disregards the volleyball and signs the kids face….Boom owned Timmy! Suz and Jen pop there shirts and guys in the crowd begin to whistle….but then I lock eyes with each one of them simultaneously at the same time and telepathically communicate to the to “Shut there pie holes and have a little respect or all kill there first born”.  I go to serve, all of Dana Point has stopped doing whatever they were doing to watch, i bring my patented slice serve that resembles a Bend it like Beckamesque corner kick….and Boom!….Ace! Over the course of the next 3 hours people witnessed some of the best vball ever played anywhere in the universe. I personally watched Matt Ireland grow from a boy who tanks when i give him perfect sets to well oiled machine with a serve that brings tears to your eyes. Reds smack talk grew out of control and he nearly got in everyones dome. Ian was playing outside of his balls, with his bronzed skin and rippled abdominals glistening in the summer light he kept us on our toes with his superior serving ability and brought the heat with his thunderous spikes that seemed like a Zeus lightning bolt sent from the heavens. But there was one shot where i blocked the crap out of the one they call Unstoppable (Ian) and that right there just made my day, and to top it off when grabbed a few beers and pizza’s and as Red would say “We just ate the best pizza in the world”. Proper way to end a proper day.

Very close to my block over Ian:

Dude is Legend:

The Real Legend:

My new addiction

So last Wednesday a man by the name of Dustin took me to go rock climbing, it was sick. I have literally wanted to try rock climbing for years, didn’t care if it was indoors, outdoors, i just wanted to try it but i have never had the opportunity to go…so when a friend invited me i was amped. We made are way to REI 1600 or 4pm for you non military folk for i needed to purchase special shoes. As we entered REI i see Dustin’s face light up, he looked excited to be there, a kid in a candy shop if you will. However i was not fazed for i didn’t really give a crap for anything in there. We walk to the shoe section…”effing $85 for shoes that are tight as balls and hurt my feet!” Yet somehow i didn’t mind it. I stared at some other stuff that i may need in the future…chalk bag, chalk, and some possible tape for my hands. I pay the man at the counter and we make are way to Corona Del Mar for a session on The Rock. As we stroll down to the spot I’m feeling excited and scared and what were about to do. I’m pretty good at everything i do, but rock climbing will be a whole new world to me. We approach the hidden cove….JoJo and Matt Ireland are already practicing the dark arts that is bouldering, and I stand in awe as i see them effortlessly scale the landscape. JoJo looks are way and says “IT’S SOOOOO PASTEY”. I simply nod as if i have any idea at what he’s talking about. I later find out that he was referring to the paste that was forming on the holds in the rock, The moist air mixed with the chalk is not a good combo. I put my shoes on and boastfully go for my first attempt thinking i was going to pwn this rock. I shortly learn that brute strength is not enough, i will have to read the rock and get my technique down. I only tried climbing maybe 10-15 times, i did ok. I would have done better if the rock was slippery and if my shoes were making my feet bleed.

I left Del Mar with D-mar with a burning in my soul. I couldn’t wait to climb again. I wanted to get back and try it when conditions were better. I have literally spent all week watching climbing videos and looking and crazy climbing gear that i’ll never need. I’m stoked to find something that will challenge me, something that i can continually get better at, something that will be addicting and a great workout at the same time. I have much to learn but i’m optimistic that i will pick it up fast. I let you know how my second session went tomorrow.

The hardest dude on the planet

As Believers you must Believe. Heh?

I miss my brother Steven Butwell. I miss him because a few days ago he left to do the good work that is required to those of us who believe. He will be on a missions trip in Sri Lanka which is an island located of the coast of India with roughly 20 million people, and the majority being Muslim and Buddhist. Sri Lanka is a place were Christ is despised, and a place that is in the midst of passing a law that would make proselytising illegal. It will be rough, hot, uncomfortable, tiring, and there will undoubtably be times where he may want to come home but Christ didn’t say to just share in the places you are comfortable in or in the places that are safe, He said to go to the ends of the Earth and share the Gospel.

The past few days I have been thinking about my own faith, and what it truly means to Love God and Love your neighbors. It is tough to sometimes think about God and what he has done for the world, I often get consumed it what I’m reading in the bible or what I’m hearing in church and simply think of it as a cool story, my mind seemingly incapable to grasp the reality of what God has done for me. The world will always say “It’s tough to believe in what you can’t see”. Ryan Daffron, someone i highly look up to and admire for his ability to just break down The Word would put it like this “The Holy Spirit is like the wind, you can’t see it…but you know it’s there because you can see it moving things”….at least that’s how i remember him saying it. For those of you who are Believers that are reading this you know what I’m talking about, when you except Christ into your life the Holy Spirit puts this filter on your life and enables you to separate what is good from bad. For those of you who that are reading this who don’t believe  I only wish I could put into words the Majesty and Beauty that is Christ. I ultimately wrote this to encourage my fellow believers to believe in what you say you believe. I know….it’s confusing. What i mean is….just strive to grasp all that is written in The Word. When we read that The Father sent his only son to die on the cross so that the rest of the world may live….we must understand the severity of that and the undoubtable repercussions to denying him. I had watched a 30 minute short film called MOST a few years ago, forgot about and watched it again a few days ago and the film really allowed me to put in perspective what God did for us. I could explain the movie but i’ll just attach a clip of the movie that sums it up. After watching the film i was high strung and just stoked, but shortly after i was a little saddened in the fact that it took a film for me to fully understand this. The past few days have been amazing, my mind fathoming the abilities endowed to my brother’s and sister’s and my heart seeing clearly for what seems to be the first time. I find it much easier to go about my days understanding that eternity is a reality, life is short and i do not fear death, I have the power to heal the sick, the understanding that there is a Devil and that he wants nothing more then for me to believe the stories I read about Jesus to be false, ultimately not allowing me to expand the Kingdom. This is long…and possibly boring, but it’s been on my mind and there’s nothing more important then talking about the raddest person in the universe.

Most-not the actual trailer but you get the point

Penn Jillete- Profound Atheist explaining that ” you must truly hate a person to not proselytize to them”

The Ancient Art Of Pwn!

I’m not a very prideful person, but i will say that i pwn harder then anyone who has ever pwnd. I like to think of pwns as apple’s, my great grandfather said “a pwn a day keeps the doctor away”, i like to think that this is true being that i haven’t gone to the doctors in 23 years. I was a bit hesitant to write this article on the ancient arts that is pwning…hesitant that perhaps one of my enemies may stumble upon this website and practice the technique’s just as i have explained them….but then i remembered that i’m exponentially better then everyone at pwning.

Lets first begin with what pwing really is.  PWN (verb)-  Perfectly owning someone, stealing souls, utter destruction that cause the receiver of the pwn to want to curl up and die. Many think of pwning as simply just owning someone….this is the first mistake that your average human makes. When you pwn someone…especially a good one you take a little piece of that persons soul, i personally own a few pieces of souls myself (Dan,Billy, Nate, Adam, Ian, Brett Mohr, Sean Maroney, ect…)…they unwillingly hand it to you in awe of what you have done. When a pwn goes down not only does the pwner feel it deep in his loins, but the person getting pwnd feels an opposite feeling of dismay and malevolence deep in his or her loins. Many of times i have proper pwnd someone and i can just tell by the look in there face that i just destroyed, even though they may deny it out of embarrassment, you and the person getting pwnd know what just happened and that’s all that truly matters….and that my friends is how you know it is good.

The origins of the first real Pwn. There are many stories of the first person who pwnd, many think it’s origins stemmed from a WarCraft game…after a gamer had killed a person he went to type in “own”, but accidental spelled “pwn” due to the location of the o and p key. This is false because a pwn is never accidental….it’s maybe improved….but never accidental. If we are too sift through all the web data you’ll see that the word pwn is seen as early as 1989 in what is known as the former U.S.S.R(Russia)…this maybe and early attempt at pwn…but due to empirical evidence i have to conclude that the infamous USSR pwn of 89′ was a mistake and somehow just got lost in translation…plus Russians are just dirty..they have dirty beards, drink dirty Vodka, and have a dirty sounding language. Pwnd Russia…Pwn! Moving on, the first recorded pwn took place in the quaint town of San Juan Capistrano, after 48 hours of labor a women gave birth to dashing and handsome 7lb 8oz baby boy. Right as the doctor look up to the women who just bore the child he was about to say ” Congratulations, you  just gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy” But the boy in all his boldness would have non of the snide doctors kiss ass comments, he had other plans. Rather when Doctor Johnson was halfway through saying “Congratulations” the young boy unleashed some pee that he had been holding in for 48 hours, the pee shot up at a perfect angle…nailing the doctor right in the face and ultimately getting a little in his mouth causing the Dr. Johnson to gag. The doctor…knowing that he had just been destroyed and to avoid the golden stream that was stealing his soul dropped the baby. All 30 people who were in the room to watch the astounding delivery screamed in agony as newborn dropped. From 6 ft up the baby would certainly parish upon impact with the cold hospital floor. Yet again the baby had other plans…as he was dropped the young dashing baby proceeded to do a gainer flip the likes of which no one had ever seen. He landed with a bend at the knee’s to absorb the shock….his head down…hair dramatically covering his eyes. As his head arose he took his left hand and wiped the hair from his eyes to reveal his glare which ultimately told the severity of the situation. The doctor stood in awe…shaking in Bruno Magli’s…knee’s quivering. I kid you not people for the next 10 seconds the Earth Stood Still,(Keanu Reeves was off somewhere just crying) the baby had a look in his eyes, he cleared his throat. The people watching were thinking “is he going to talk” they quickly answered there own questions in there mind saying…”that would be impossible for the baby is only 2 minutes old”. Then the people remembered that within 2 minutes the baby managed to pee in a renowned doctor’s mouth and do a gainer flip that put Kerrie Strug to shame. The baby cleared his throat…Earth stood still, K Reeves crying, quite…pin drops. As the baby looked up a beam of light crept in through the window, it was as if God was sending him a spotlight to illuminate him in all his awesomness. All eyes were literally on deck, the babies lips opened and from his mouth came a voice that would make angels cry, it sounded like James Earl Jones but better. The boys mouth opened and from it came a word that no one had ever heard before, he looked at the doctor and said “PWND!”, at that moment the Earth shook. Even though no one had heard it before everyone knew what it meant, The Baby had just owned the doctor, stole his soul….not a piece of…all of it. The pwn was like and exclamation point from Heaven. At that moment in time nothing could have fit the scenario better then the pwn….it was perfect. The doctor was cupping his loins because they had just been girded so hard, Dr. Johnson looked at the boy and said “who are you?” the boy replied ” my name is Seth Willingham”. Yes, as some of you may have already guessed…I was that little boy….pwning and owning from birth. Right after the pwn a single tear drop rolled down from my mothers eye as she said ” You can’t teach that” and she was right. If you’re wondering whatever happened to the Dr. Dan Johnson, he ended up dying of a myocardial infraction 10 minutes later, he left a wife and 5 kids behind. What a noob.. right? I actually blame it on myself you see Pwner’s just like rattlesnakes are more dangerous when there young, the young rattlesnake is dangerous because it doesn’t know how much venom to release so it just unloads ultimately making them more dangerous. I was like that Rattlesnake, i didn’t understand how much Pwn to release so i just released it all and in the process taking a life. It was my first pwn….well second pwn if you count putting my mother through 48 hours of labor which almost killed her.

You’re all probably wondering when i’m going to teach you how to pwn, if you haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet….i’m not going to teach you. The moral of the first pwn story is literally that ” you can’t teach it” and my first pwn story is actually where that “you can’t teach that” saying  stemmed from. Amidst the mere mortals there are great people, Hero’s, X-men, PWNR’s, some of you could pwn…you just don’t know it yet….you must tap deep into the loins and find the strength….unleash the pwn that has been cage for oh so long. I just happened to pwn when i was 2 minutes old, a situation presented itself and i took full advantage of the opportunity, although i did spend 9 months carefully planning it…training inside my mother’s belly. I encourage you to take this week and just find your inner pwn, find someone you don’t like…someone ugly or too rich for there own good and just pwn them, just seriously do it. I hope you found this weeks blog exciting and feel honored that you know the first pwn story for that day i made all 30 in attendance take and oath never to tell anyone.

Drink Recommendation: I had a great night enjoying a great pitcher of beer with a great friend in Steve Buttwell. Brother Steve on going on a 6 week missions trip to Sri Lanka and i Think he’s going to die there so i decided to take him out to enjoy possibly his last pint. We went to BJ’s and got some Jeremiah Red….because Jeremiah is biblical. 

Appearance: clear amber in color with a 1/2″ head. Some light spotty lacing developed through the drink. 

Smell: Big malty aroma with a hint of fresh berries and sage. 

Taste: Rich malty flavor and pretty much no hops to speak of. There are flavor notes of toast, biscuit, saltine crackers, burnt caramel, dried apricot, punes, raisins (lots of dried fruit, to say the least) sweet tanins and an alcohol ending. There is also some smokiness at the end of the flavor that sits on the middle of the tongue. 

Mouthfeel: This beer is nicely balanced with a clean mouthfeel completely void of diacytil. The finish is clean with a lasting maltiness that completely satisfies this taster. 

Drinkability: It’s a pretty good beer that is nice to enjoy with a pizza. I’d gladly have it again.



How to pwn.

How to reverse a pwn

Seriously just don’t even try to pwn/scare a black dude.

The Preverbial Monaday Blues

It’s Monday……..Bleh.  Actually I get amped for Mondays, I run a nutrition store in Laguna Hills CA called Nutrition Zone. I have Sundays off so come Monday i’m ready to get into my store and talk it up with the customers. I’m feeling a little bleh this Monday simply because thre re-paving the parking lot outside my house and somehow it has taken over a week for a job that usually takes 1-2 days, I have to move my car by 7am and that really breaks my balls…it’s all good though i get to start my day early….lift….make a proper breakfast. My weekend was glorious, Saturday was busy and enjoyable. I worked 10-6 at Nutrition Zone, then off to Suzanna’s Birthday Dinner, thn bonfire, then checked out Cindy’d and Kendra’s New place. P.S I starting writing this blog on Monday….hence the title ” The Preverbial Monday Blues”….and then i got slammed with work so it’s now Tuesday….get over it. Sunday was also rad and i just got to rest…..rest is just good for the soul and the mind, literally. Well i don’t have much time today cause i got a lot of work to do. If your in the area swing into Nutrition Zone of Alicia and Paseo De Valencia in Laguna Hills and say whats up…..I’d love to see you. Tune in later week where i will be doing an in depth synopsis on how to properly pwn someone. As many of you know i am the founder of pwn, and master of the universe when it comes to owning people. I’ll take you under my wing  and teach you this ancient dark technique that’s guaranteed to wreck people and score you chicks…..literally proving via a double blind study at the prestigious UCLA.

Fact: I got bit my King cobra  the other day, after 48 of excruciation pain and suffering the Cobra died.

Drink Suggestion: Jameson Whiskey

One shot of Jameson, 1 ounce of water and that’s it…….no ice……..non chilled, just straight up and bad a**, this drink will instantly make you cooler and 7x more attractive to the ladies…..once again….proven…with science. Don’t drink more then 2 or 3 for my suggestions are not for drunkard pleasure but rather taste and appreciation of the finer liquors in life.

Video: One of the raddest intro’s to any movie you will ever see.

watch the whole thing

By popular request.

I’d like to start off by saying Happy Birthday to the one and only Suzanna Grams!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have been getting hundreds of email and comments asking me  The Guru on what i do to stay in shape and what my max’s are on all my lifts. So by popular demand i’ll be filling you in on a few techniques and supplementation to take you too the next level. First you want to start off with proper diet and exercise. For my diet i keep it pretty strict, i have 6 meals a day and usually keep 3 of those meal as protein shakes. This example diet is mainly for cutting or fat loss, but to making a Mass gaining diet you would simply add larger portions of protein and Complex carbs throughout the day.

Example Day:

serving sizes: 1 protein=size of your flat hand      1 Carb= size of your clinched fist             1 vegetable= unlimited

8:00am Meal 1: 1 protein, 1 carb , 1 vegetable or 6-8 eggwhites, 2 pieces whole wheat toast, and a piece of fruit.

10-11am: Shake 1: 1 scoop of NLN Lean Pro Matrix with 1 scoop NLN glutamine complex in 4-6oz of water.

12-1pm: Meal 2: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 vegetable or 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of brown rice, and as much veggies as i want

3-4pm: Shake 2: Repeat shake 1

6-7pm: Meal 3: 1 protein, 1 veggie, no carb

9-10pm: Shake 3: Repeat shake 1

You get 1 cheat day a week to literally just eat whatever you want.

Lifting schedule: I break it up like so:

Mon: Legs and ab’s

Tues: Rest

Wed: Chest and ab’s

Thurs: Bi’s, Tri’s and forearm

Fri: Back and Shoulders

Sat: Rest

Sun: Rest

Current Max’s:

Bench: 325lbs x 1

Squat: 225lbs x 15

Bicep barbell: 135lbs x 1

Military Press: 225 lbs x 1

Deadlift: 495lbs x 2

Lat Pulldown: 220lbs x 6

Supplement: Protein-Lean Pro Matrix (Recovery) Glutamine Complex (Recovery), Multi- Body Fuel Natural Selection (Overall Health), Pre-Workouts- Body Fuel Torque (Energy, Mental Focus, and Pumps) , Essential fats- Body Fuel EFA Complete, Intra workout- Scivation Xtend.

Feel free to comment or ask anyquestions and i’ll reply ASAP.

Fact of the Day: The average human can hold there breathe for 45 seconds, i can hold my breathe…..forever.

Beer Recomendation: Willingham and Larsens  HeyFunWeisMan

Brewed by some of the finest brewers to brew on the face of this universe. W & L HeyFunWeisMan pronounced Hey-Fun-Wise-Man is beer that will make you gird your loins while screaming praises. As the weather heats up, the citrusy aromas and sweet aromatic taste truly please the palate. W & L have been somehow brewing for over 100 years and have indubitably mastered the art of brewing and have scrumptulecently mastered the art of the Hef. I highly recommend pouring these bad boys into a tall chilled glass to release maximum flavor. W & L will roughly release the HFWM in June and as W&L always do there will be limited quantity….probably only about 50 bottles. Stay tuned for the release date.



Video: Just a few vids of me pumping iron.

Pay close attention to the pink elephant at 1:59

It’s late and i don’t feel like writing to much

Look i’m a little tired because i have had to get up at the crack of dawn throughout the week because there repaving my parking lot this week. It’s kinda lame, but such is life and i live in OC so i really can’t complain because somewhere out there Michael McVerry is going to work far away from beach and any form of happiness. I’ve decided to kill 2 birds with one stone the past few day, i’m a pretty light sleeper and once  i wake up i usually can’t get back to bed so the past few days i have been in the gym bright and early getting bronced(JACKED) out of my mind. I haven’t consistently lifted in years and i’m finally on a good schedule and i’m seeing some good results. Even though i work at a Nutrition Store i don’t take many supplements, this is because i gain muscle really fast but can never drop fat so i mainly focus on the fatburners( I really take them for the energy boost cause i hate coffee) pre workouts and protein. my lifts are continuing to go up and it’s encouraging to be consistent in the gym again. It’s also encouraging to stronger then Mickey V and William Larsen. today i plan to surf bright an ealy before work and i figure since i have to move my car i might s well. Ok this is all for now, i promise the next one will be more insightful and interesting.

Fact: There’s only one thing faster then the speed of light…..me.

Brew recommendation: Joseph Braugh Dunkelweisen, a traditional Amber Hefenweizen i rate this beer an A.

Pours a hazy light brown/tan color with a tan hue, thick biege head, and can’t see the action.
Has a sweet toasted wheat aroma with a hint of banana.
A delicious toasted wheat taste with a banana background and with a mild esters finish.
Light/medium bodied, watery/resin feel, with lively comfortable carbonation.
This is right on par with the other GB Dunkelweizen, so close I’m going to drink the other right now. A steal at $5.99 a  pack at Trader Joe’s

Serving type: bottle


Video: Best scene ever, pay close attention to the awesomness at 1:58

2nd best scene ever

Ah, Tuesdays. So friggin Glorious.

It’s Tuesday, for most people Tuesday is arguably the 2nd worst day of the week behind Mondays of course. I’m actually a fan of Tuesdays, I look forward to them. This is due to 3 reasons, 1) my work schedule is pretty rad, I’m not a 9-5er at all, i would shoot myself in the face with bear mace every day if i had to do the typical grind week in and week out. I rather have a sporadic schedule, my boss lets me pick my hours as long as i’m in Nutrition Zone when it’s busiest (Mon, Tue) so I work Mon, Tue 10-8, off Wed, Thur 10-3, Fri 12-7,  Sat 10-6, and Off Sundays, i love this because i only have a 2 day grind on Mon and Tues. 2) on Tuesdays i meet with my brothers Nate Castro, Johnny Carson and Adam Brown for some good breakfast, good fellowship, and learn more about Jesus in our weekly bible study. 3) I started an event with Bill.I.Am a few months ago called Thee Tuesday Teamsters, it’s are bowling gang and we get together every Tuesday at lake forest lanes for the prestigious and indigenous Quarter Mania. It’s a good time and our group has exponentially grown from 4 to around 15, It’s a fun time that involves 3-5 games of bowling 75 cent slices of pizza, tasty brews, laughter, and wagers on various things that usually end up winning. Needless to say my Tuesdays are my busiest and one of my best days of the week. I Hope all 3 of the people following this blog have a great Tuesday.

I intend to leave you all each time with a few fun facts, a good video, and a recommended drink for you beer connoisseur’s.

P.S I’m on Twitter as of a week ago, I’ve conformed with the masses in the least eloquent of ways, I have no idea why I did it and It’s truly quite boring, all people do is updates, it’s all about following people….it’s actually a little creepy, it’s ultimately the facebook minus the face.  I intend to stick it out and give it a shot and follow some people that i know and appreciate like Mr. McQuade, Matty Morgan (Phenominal Photographer), and William larsen (Billy Burrito).

FUN FACT #1:  The average human body is made out of 70% water, my body is made out of 100% awesomeness

BEER RECCOMENDATION #1: Spring is officially upon us and with her comes glorious weather, longer days, and the animals come out of there hibernation. I like to greet the weather, longer days, and bears with a cool Sam Adams White Ale, brewed by Finnish Dwarves deep in Apalacian Mountains The recipe for the White Ale has been kept a secret by the Finnish Dwarves for a 100 Centuries….mainly because if you come close to them or there beer recipe they snap into a dwarfish rage gnawing everything in site….including humans. Sam Adams reportadly payed the Finnies $ 6 million to have them brew this ancient recipe for Sam Adams to bottle each year. Drink it up while it’s still on the shelves.

Video: Most impressive breakdancer ever

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